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Day 1

March 18


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Program Begins

12:15 PM - Web3 Bill of Rights

What are the “Web3 Bill of Rights”? In this session, we’ll define essential principles for a decentralized internet. Explore privacy, ownership, and governance in the Web3 era. Engage in shaping the future of online freedoms and responsibilities.

1:00 PM - Digital Identity

Dive into ‘Digital Identity’ session, exploring blockchain’s role in secure, decentralized identity management. Join experts as we navigate privacy, authentication, and empowerment in the digital age.

1:45 PM - Digital Transformation is done. Get ready for "Business Web3".

Welcome to “Business Web3,” where we pioneer the next phase of digital transformation. Dive into decentralized finance, NFTs, and DAOs, revolutionizing industries. Join us in reshaping commerce, governance, and collaboration in the emerging Web3 era.

2:30 PM - International Remittances

Discover “International Remittances”, where we unveil the transformative power of blockchain in cross-border and local transactions. Explore efficiency, security, and inclusivity in remittance processes. Join us to revolutionize global financial accessibility.

3:15 PM - Scaling decentralized data storage in Africa

Explore “Scaling Decentralized Data Storage in Africa,” uncovering how blockchain drives scalable solutions for data storage challenges. Join us as we navigate the intersection of technology and community empowerment, fostering digital inclusion and resilience across the continent.

4:00 PM - Griots, onchain - where does history live

Explore “Griots, Onchain” where experts delve into the intersection of blockchain and historical narratives. Uncover how decentralized ledgers preserve and democratize history. Join us in reimagining the role of technology in storytelling and cultural preservation.

7:00 PM - VIP Dinner

Please join us for an evening of exquisite dining and engaging conversation, honoring our esteemed guests and valued partners.

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Day 2

March 19

9:15 AM - The Community Economy

“The Community Economy” will explore the transformative power of community-driven initiatives in blockchain. Dive into decentralized governance, tokenomics, and collective ownership. Join us in redefining value creation and economic participation in the digital age.

10:30 AM - Africa's Future of Education

Discover “Africa’s Future of Education” where experts will explore how blockchain revolutionizes learning across the continent. Dive into the curriculums that are preparing the world’s youngest population.

11:15 AM - Sustainability in Blockchain

Join the “Sustainability in Blockchain” session, where we tackle the environmental impact and energy efficiency of blockchain technology. Explore innovative solutions for eco-friendly consensus mechanisms and carbon-neutral practices. Engage with industry leaders to shape a more sustainable future for blockchain ecosystems.

1:00 PM - Women: Africa's Economy Drivers

“Women: Africa’s Economy Drivers” will be spotlighting the pivotal role of women in shaping economic landscapes through blockchain. Explore opportunities for financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Join us in empowering women to drive Africa’s economic growth and innovation.

1:45 PM - Supply Chain + Smart Contracts

“Supply Chain + Smart Contracts” will illuminate the transformative synergy between blockchain and supply chain management. Delve into automated agreements, transparent traceability, and trustless transactions. Join us in revolutionizing global commerce through secure and efficient supply chain processes.

2:30 PM - Wallets and Security

Check out the “Wallets and Security” session, where we navigate the frontier of blockchain security. Explore best practices for safeguarding digital assets and mitigating risks. Engage with experts to unravel the complexities of wallet management and encryption. Join us in fortifying the foundation of trust in the blockchain ecosystem.

3:15 PM - Web3 and VC

Explore the “Web3 and VC” session, where venture capitalists and blockchain innovators converge. Uncover how decentralized technologies are reshaping investment landscapes. Engage in discussions on tokenized assets, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and the future of venture capital in the Web3 era.

4:00 PM - Alternative Education

Embark on a journey into “Alternative Education,” where blockchain disrupts traditional learning paradigms. As demand grows for native blockchain professionals, learn where alternative education programs are filling the gap and becoming the new norm.

7:00 PM - Closing Party

The Capital On The Park
101 Katherine St, Sandown, Sandton, 2031

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