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Robby Greenfield

Robby is a distinguished two-time Web3 founder and the former Head of Social Impact at ConsenSys, boasting tenures at Goldman Sachs, Cisco Systems, and Amazon. He currently serves as the Senior Blockchain Advisor for BlocPower, a pioneering environmental technology firm with over $100M in valuation. Additionally, Robby is an esteemed Expert Panel Member of the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum and a prolific contributor to Forbes, PC Mag, and CoinDesk. His extensive experience in blockchain is marked by leading the launch of some of the world’s earliest stablecoin-based humanitarian programs in partnership with organizations like Oxfam, Save the Children, and Care International. Co-founder of the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition and the Ethereum Foundation’s Devcon Scholars program, Robby is an alumnus of the University of Michigan with an engineering degree and holds an MBA from Emory University, where he was honored as a Social Enterprise and Consortium Fellow.

Christopher Perceptions

Christopher Perceptions, CEO of NoCodeClarity, is at the forefront of Web3 innovation, democratizing Bitcoin and layer 2 development for mass adoption. Author of “The Secrets of Satoshi,” he’s a global educator and speaker. With experience at the Stacks Foundation and as a Clarity smart contract developer, Christopher is a builder and advocate in the Bitcoin ecosystem. His newsletter, “Christopher’s Perceptions,” shares insights on Bitcoin, Web3, and NoCode. A coach and leader, he’s dedicated to fostering fairness and innovation in the digital world.

Henry Stokes

Henry Stokes, a seasoned business leader with 20+ years of experience, is a trailblazer in brand development. As the owner of Tailored Ash and Co-Founder of Atlanta Cigar Week, he’s known for forging strong industry relationships. His latest venture, “Social House Cigar Club,” revolutionizes the luxury cigar market with NFT ownership. Featured in Essence Magazine and Afro Tech, Henry inspires others to create wealth and impact. As Capital Access Manager at Village Micro Fund, he excelled in developing creative capital solutions and expanding international business.

Harold Hughes

Harold Hughes is the founder & CEO of Bandwagon, a South Carolina-based live experience technology company. Under his leadership, Bandwagon has raised more than $3.5M in venture capital and successfully acquired IdealSeat, Inc. in 2020. Their customers include Fortune 50 brands, entertainers, and professional and collegiate athletes.

As a web3 builder and community leader, Harold published “”A Kids Book About Blockchain”” to help educate people “”from 6 to 60″” about the revolutionary technology that Bandwagon specializes in.

Harold is also an active angel investor, primarily investing in women, people of color, and Black founder-led companies.

Yosuke Yoshida

Co-CEO of EMURGO Middle East & Africa
CEO of EMURGO Kepple Ventures

Started his career 20 years ago in Japan’s largest investment company in the power sector. Professional experience in traditional M&A and cross border trading, leading multiple international and government projects in Indonesia, Vietnam and in the Philippines, managing over $2 billion worth of assets. Yoshida is the former CEO of EMURGO Japan, where EMURGO was first established and started its business in 2017.

Brenton Naicker

Brenton is a leading figure in Africa’s blockchain and cryptocurrency scene. As a member of the IFWG and contributor to SANBA and CAASA, he’s played a key role in regulating cryptoassets in South Africa. During his tenure at Binance, he spearheaded the launch of Sub-Saharan, East and Francophone regions. He’s also served as a mentor and guest lecturer at various organizations such as Africa Blockchain University and Seedstars, and is currently Principal and Head of Growth at Africa’s premier blockchain-focused VC fund, with investments across the African continent.

Allan Wanyonyi

Allan Mang’eni is a software developer based in Nairobi Kenya. He curently leads the Filecoin Orbit Program in Kenya.

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